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Lisa Miosi is an award-winning media & TV producer, multi-platform journalist, and human rights and humanitarian assistance advocate. 


With nearly a decade of frontline experience across four continents, her credits include faith-based programs, documentary & reality TV, along with news reportage, films, commercials and event producing from some of the  worlds' most influential non-profit organisations.

An experienced story-teller...

… Miosi displays a heart for displaced and vulnerable peoples across the world as she is passionate about helping to inspire real change. With over 7 'Telly Awards' including one 'Silver Telly', Several 'Davy Awards', a 'Communicator Award' and various other media recognitions, Miosi handles the helm of media from producing all the way through to the post-production process and finalization.  She has worked in disaster relief situations & in the aftermath of terrorist attacks handling both reporting and TV producing. Internationally, she has produced television programs and profound works of media within the Middle East, India, Africa and Europe.

A Masters in Theology and training in grief counseling & crisis management enables her to go beyond simply documenting the material needs within a crisis, but also to reveal the profound and often unreported emotional and spiritual needs. She harnesses the power of the production process – from research to script writing, interviewing, camera work and editing – to enable change within this world.

With a desire to remain at the helm of tackling international political and human rights issues and to be fully equipped to respond during times of crisis, Miosi has recently completed her Masters degree in International Politics and Human Rights at City University in London. 

Photo of Lisa Miosi in London.
Photography by Jonathan Self
All Rights Reserved, 2014. 

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